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Regular Program - 14 weeks

Prevention Program

Good news!

We are back on our regular 14-week program. We can’t wait to meet you. Here is a link for the Admission Request Form.

Walgwan Admission Request

What's new ?

Our programs

Programs to help youth in their spiritual development and to create a safe and friendly space to promote well-being.

Therapeutic program

Divided into four phases, represented by animals that reflect the journey during a stay.

Prevention Program

Manage your accumulation of stress and emotions, develop tools to face challenges.

Cultural and Spiritual Components

Ceremonies, traditional and natural medicines, ethics and religion courses.

What is the meaning of Walgwan?

 In the Mi’gmaq language, Walgwan means rainbow. It represents all of the diversity of the youth who are welcomed at Walgwan, the Nations we serve and the approaches adopted to guide them in their journey to recovery.