Mission, vision and core values

Mission, vision and core values

Our Mission

Support, engage and empower each Indigenous Youth who seeks help in her/his personal journey to a sustained, holistic and culturally-rooted well-being and a healthy life.


Empowered and engaged Indigenous Youth fully in control of their wellbeing and their lives, and contributing to the wellbeing of their families and communities.

Core Values

The Walgwan Center adheres to the following core values:


We are committed to respecting our clients by acknowledging and embracing their cultural, spiritual, linguistic or physical differences. We respect all aspects of the dignity and the integrity of each individual.


We will act with compassion and empathy no matter how the youth reacts when encountering challenges. We will not judge them so that they do not feel disgraced or embarrassed. Our approach will teach them to be compassionate towards themselves and other people.

Inclusion of the client and his/her family

We encourage clients and the members of their families to participate in everything we do, while respecting their willingness and ability to do so. We encourage them to participate in the conception, planning, application and evaluation phases of their residency program.


We offer a safe environment to our clients where they can explore and reinforce their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health. They will have all the support and understanding they require for their personal growth and their journey to resiliency.

Truth, Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to acting with complete honesty and integrity when interacting with families, referral organizations, partners and the staff of the Center. '' You must speak straight so that your words may go into my heart like sunshine. I will not lie to you, do not lie to me. '' - Cochise, Chiricahua Apache. We all benefit by constantly searching for and accepting the truth. To help them, we must have coherent and uncompromising discussions.

Love and sharing

We offer unconditional love to all our clients and the members of their families. The wellness of the youth is the fundamental motivation for everything we do; it is the reason why we accompany them with each phase of their program. By exploring and sharing our cultures, we help them to explore and share their cultures.


In order to face the huge challenges that are associated with our mission, it is absolutely essential that the youth, the members of their families, the members of the Board of Directors and our staff work together and support each other. All of the members of the Walgwan family have an essential role to play through exemplary behaviour when in the presence of the youth. Honesty, integrity, transparency and trust are the key elements of this approach.