The Board of Directors

Walgwan Center is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of seven to nine First Nations and Inuit members from Eastern Canada, including a youth representative and a member of the Gesgapegiag Band Council. The Board of Directors meets every quarter to review the progress of the strategic plan, examine operational and financial reports, approve policies, establish orientations and make recommendations to General Management.

Here is our Board of Directors (from left to right):

Jamie Houle (secretary-treasurer), Bryan Blackburn, Jackie Kistabish (honorary member), Jade Canape-Pilot, Arthur Robertson, Paul-Yves Weizineau, Mélanie Napartuk (president), Laurianne Petiquay (vice-president).



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The Walgwan Center is an organization accredited by the Qmentum Accreditation Program Canada, which means it respects all the standards of excellence established by external organizations to ensure the quality of its services. Following the last survey completed in the fall of 2017, our center received the highest distinction: Accreditation with Exemplary Status. We attribute the utmost importance to quality improvement and to the physical, mental, emotional and cultural security of the youth at Walgwan.

Ethics and confidentiality

The Walgwan team takes ethical conduct, the respect of personal privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Each year team members sign the Code of Ethics, the Oath of Confidentiality and the Conflict of Interest Policy.


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