Sharing is a very important principle for First Nations. This essential principle has contributed to their survival throughout their history, their pain and their suffering.

Throughout the journey to overcoming an addiction, sharing has allowed many persons to overcome their personal traumas. We believe that the testimonies of struggle and victory presented on this page could enlighten other people. They will then finally be able to include happiness in the new chapters to the book of their lives.

« Without the treatment at Walgwan and my experience at 15 years old, I don’t know where I would be now. I have been sober for 5 years and I pray and hope that I will never touch alcohol again. Things will change, people will try to bring you down and belittle you, but, in the end, it’s not you. They are so jealous of your strength that they try to bring you down to their level and drink or take drugs, but they are too weak to make a change. Support is essential. We must ensure that our traditional ways continue and become even stronger. Our generation must stand up and liberate our spirits from this poison. »

K. writes

S. learned a lot from the stories told by the elders that encouraged her to have a more positive outlook. She also stated that the psychologist helped her a lot. She made many friends and learned about her culture (dances for example). She is now able to open up to others and allow her inner child to emerge.

S. said that the program helped her a lot

Every time she came to visit, M. didn’t want to leave the center. She feels that the program helped her daughter a lot. She is quite happy with the services that were offered to her. « This program gave me my daughter back and it also helped me », she said.

M. loved the program

« So, today, I am not using and I am still going to school. Sometimes I go to bars, but just to play pool. I am able to remain sober when I go. Sometimes I am tired and on edge, but when I get home I always try to use the tips I learned at the Walgwan Center. The therapy helped me a lot because I have remained sober. I am so proud of myself and where I am now. So, you can see that even if I did not use the tips right after I left Walgwan, they helped me later on. I am grateful for having followed this therapy, I met great people and also learned the right tools. »

A portion of a letter from L.

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