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Having a loved one battling addiction is difficult to witness whether you are a grandmother, mother, father, brother or sister. We often feel powerless and don't know what to do to get through to those closest to us. It is difficult to see those we love self-destruct and as loving family members we only want the best for our loved ones. Getting together, working together and being together can make a world of difference for everyone involved in the battle of addiction.

At Walgwan Centre we realize that we all have to work togeth­er to make a difference in not only working closely with the person battling the addiction but with the family as well. It is a very important component in our program and emphasis is put on the family aspect throughout the youth's treatment and aftercare plan. We work closely with the referral source and other iden­tified agencies and significant family members in strengthening and/or re-establishing a cohesive family dynamics for all those involved.

Our team improves and evolves constantly. We wish to welcome Mrs. Sarah Hayes, our new Programs and Services Advisor. Mrs. Natalie Clark is our new Outreach Worker for the Atlantic Provinces and Labrador. Mrs. Kayla Gedeon was chosen as our new Outpatient Counsellor. We wish them a lot of success in their new task.

What is new?

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Program Calendar 2016

A Prevention Program (4 weeks) will begin on June 13, 2016. Admission requests for this program should be received by June 1.

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